speaking300Innovative Ways to Strengthen Diversity

Diversity should be a key principle of major institutions. In schools, diversity has become fundamental to students’ character development and to the quality and depth of the education they receive. A basic tenet of diversity is that differences have value that should be respected throughout educational practices. The overarching goal should be to produce students who have a better understanding of the complexities of an ever-changing world. Philip is always looking for innovative ways to strengthen diversity and will show you how your organization can benefit from a sustained “identity of excellence” in diversity.



Do We Have Gay Students Here?
Educator Philip McAdoo talks to school leaders, teachers, and parents about building LGBTQ initiatives and supportive educational learning environments. Philip provides leadership on LGBTQ issues in a context that school leaders can understand, along with strategies for creating positive LGTBQ awareness in a school setting.

Out and Visible: Embracing Your Sexual Orientation
Philip McAdoo addresses the many challenges and responsibilities facing youths and educators who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered or queer.  Philip honestly and openly discusses “coming out” in a context that young people can understand, using wit and humor to reflect on his experiences as a black gay man, his transition from Broadway to education, and how he became a partner, dad, LGBTQ advocate, and little league coach. He also shares his insight into helping young people and families understand the vulnerably, loneliness, and isolation LGBTQ students face as they learn to embrace their sexuality.

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