"We must infuse empathy into how we relate to one another and be willing to unlearn the limits we place on each other because of the way we look, act, believe think, or live"

Speaking and Workshop Topics

Innovative Ways to Strengthen Diversity

Diversity should be a key principle of major institutions. In schools, diversity has become fundamental to students’ character development and to the quality and depth of the education they receive. A basic tenet of diversity is that differences have value that should be respected throughout educational practices. The overarching goal should be to produce students who have a better understanding of the complexities of an ever-changing world. Philip is always looking for innovative ways to strengthen diversity and will show you how your organization can benefit from a sustained “identity of excellence” in diversity.

Embracing Diversity: A Guide to Building a More Inclusive Culture 

To create a thriving organizational culture, it’s important to embrace marginalized groups, identify barriers to diversity and prioritize equity and inclusion in all aspects of work. Listening to and amplifying everyone’s voices is crucial for success.

Breaking Down Barriers: How to Foster Equity in Your Community

Achieving equity and inclusion in any organization is a challenge, but one that can be conquered with a thorough understanding of its internal dynamics. While promoting diversity is important, it’s not enough to address the root causes of inequality. Adopting a holistic approach and customizing strategies to meet your team’s unique needs is vital to breaking down barriers and creating a more inclusive workplace. By fostering collaboration and embracing innovative ideas, we can confidently make significant strides towards a more equitable and inclusive future.

The Importance of Intersectionality in Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

Intersectionality recognizes the impact of shared oppression based on race, gender, class, ethnicity, and sexuality. It’s important to understand how these intersections shape one’s identity and experiences. In the workplace, creating an inclusive environment for all requires empathy and a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. My approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion involves approaching intersectionality with empathy, understanding, and an unwavering commitment to creating a safe and inclusive environment for all.

Beyond the Binary: Understanding Non-Binary Identities and Supporting Gender Diversity

Creating a safe and accepting environments for all individuals, regardless of their gender identity, is crucial for any organization. This involves upholding laws against discrimination, harassment, and bullying, and prioritizing privacy. By doing so, we can foster open communication, cultural understanding, and a supportive community where everyone feels respected and valued. Let’s join forces to create a better future for everyone.

The Hidden Impact of Microaggressions on Marginalized Communities

This workshop offers a chance to improve your skills in handling microaggressions. Collaboration is crucial to creating positive change. We must support each other and hold ourselves accountable for inclusive behavior. Mistakes are natural and provide growth opportunities. Together, we can create an inclusive future.

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Areas of Expertise

DEI + Mission + Vision + Values

It’s important for organizations to establish a clear connection between their mission, vision, and values with DEI. This connection should be evident in the work of individuals, teams, and the organization’s commitment to equity, justice, and anti-racism. We are all on a learning journey when it comes to navigating conflict and being open to the possibilities of who we are as a collective identity. A fixed mindset can create a culture of fear, which ultimately leads to inaction. It’s important that we remain open-minded and embrace a growth mindset to foster a culture of inclusivity and progress.

Diversity is an essential principle that should be embraced by all major institutions. In today’s schools, diversity plays a critical role in students’ character development and in the quality and depth of their education. It’s important to recognize that differences have value and should be respected in all educational practices. Ultimately, the goal should be to create well-rounded students who have a deep understanding of the complexities of our constantly evolving world. If you’re looking for new and innovative ways to promote diversity in your organization, Philip can help you establish a sustained “identity of excellence” that will benefit everyone involved.

Innovative Ways to Strengthen Diversity

Do We Have Gay Students Here?

As a passionate advocate for creating positive learning environments, Dr. Philip McAdoo has been working to build LGBTQ initiatives that promote inclusivity and understanding. Through his work with school leaders, teachers, and parents, Philip has been able to provide valuable leadership on LGBTQ issues in a way that is easy to understand and implement. By sharing strategies for creating positive LGBTQ awareness in schools, Dr. McAdoo is helping to create a safer and more supportive learning environment for all students.

Philip McAdoo is a fantastic speaker who addresses the challenges and responsibilities facing LGBTQ youths and educators. He speaks candidly about his own experiences as a black gay man, offering insight into the many hurdles that must be overcome when “coming out.” Philip uses wit and humor to make his message accessible to young people, while also discussing the issues of vulnerability, loneliness, and isolation that LGBTQ students often face. He is a true advocate for the LGBTQ community, and his work as a partner, dad, and little league coach is a testament to the progress that has been made in recent years.

Out and Visible: Embracing Your Sexual Orientation