• Philip McAdoo has a deep commitment to working within the diversity field.  The power of his approach is that he is concerned and focused on the individual and the experience of said individual.  I have grown and learned about myself and the world through our numerous collaborations

    Andre Robert Lee The Prep School Negro
  • Philip McAdoo and his son Zaden from Atlanta--came to Washington, DC to highlight how essential a loving home can be to a child in need of support and understanding. Philip, his partner Sean Cavanaugh, and Zaden are a beautiful, loving, globe-trotting family; simply being with them just warms your heart. Their story is the happy ending which every foster care youth and potential parent should have the opportunity to experience.  

    Rep. John Lewis Congressman & Civil Rights Leader
  • Philip McAdoo's diversity leadership was impressive to witness. I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this much-needed dialogue around LGBTQ issues and diversity

    Jesse Tyler Ferguson ABC’s Modern Family
  • Thank you so much for your wonderful report! I am especially blown away by the Summary section. I feel you really captured where we are right now as well as where we need to go.

    Woodward Academy

    Woodward Academy
  • You spoke to our faculty at Capitol Hill Day School a couple of years ago, and we've been meaning to reach out and thank you for some experience and advice you shared. Your advice has helped build trust in lasting ways. Some parents have immediately shared stories of incidents at school or things they are grappling with, while with others it has served merely as an invitation for future dialogue should need arise.

    Your urging to "be part of the solution to problems that we see" has stayed with us.

    Capitol Hill Day School
  • Our students have been raving about you ever since you left. We look forward to continuing to partner with you.

    Episcopal High School
  • “Having the opportunity to listen to a proud leader in both the African-American and LGBTQ+ communities was eye-opening...students who had never seen themselves in a leader before connected with Dr. McAdoo, viewing him as a role model.”  

    Lara-Kate Lanza - Student
  • “Dr. McAdoo connected with the CH-CH community through honesty and relatability… his transparency, humor, and confidence were exactly what our high school students, who are on the path to self-discovery, needed to see in someone who is successful, outside of their own school walls.”

    Ashley Balaconis, Skills and Academic Support Department Chair Chapel Hill - Chauncy Hall
  • "Dr. McAdoo’s visit to Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School provided an honest, relatable perspective for our students. His down-to-earth demeanor and dynamic personal story resonated with students and faculty alike.”

    Michael Streeter, Students of Color Alliance Faculty Advisor Chapel Hill - Chauncy Hall
  • “When Dr. McAdoo met with our Gay-Straight Alliance and Students of Color Alliance student leaders, he let them know that their voices, as minority students, would not go unnoticed… it was reassuring for our students to hear his acknowledgment, not only as a person of color in a leadership position, but as a person of color who works to cultivate diversity, equity, and inclusion in schools.”

    Kristine O’Brien, World Languages Department Faculty Chapel Hill - Chauncy Hall
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