Meet Dr. Philip McAdoo

“Philip, his partner Sean Cavanaugh, and Zaden are a beautiful, loving, globe-trotting family; simply being with them just warms your heart. Their story is the happy ending which every foster care youth and potential parent should have the opportunity to experience” 
– Representative John Lewis

Meet Dr. Philip McAdoo, a highly accomplished individual with an impressive background. He boasts a degree in communications studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, an MA in transformative leadership from The California Institute of Integral Studies, and a Doctor of Education from The University of Pennsylvania in the Graduate School of Education. 

Dr. McAdoo is a staunch LGBTQ activist who fearlessly fights homophobia. In collaboration with Rep. John Lewis, he has introduced legislation to Congress that streamlines the process for same-sex couples to adopt children from foster care. As an openly gay educator, Dr. McAdoo specializes in character development and diversity and inclusion. He has authored articles on these topics and has led numerous workshops and professional development sessions on LGBTQ advocacy. 

Additionally, Dr. McAdoo is a published author with three books under his belt: Every Child Deserves, Darius Wants a Dog, and Independent Queers: LGBTQ Educators in Independent Schools Speak Out. He is also the Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Philip McAdoo Diversity and Inclusion Consulting, LLC. Currently based in Maryland with his partner, Sean, his son, Zaden, and their dogs, Bart-ley and Dobby, Dr. McAdoo exudes confidence and an unwavering commitment to his work.

Intersectionality and Me...

“We must infuse empathy into how we relate to one another and be willing to relearn the limits we place on each other because of the way we look, act, believe, think, or live.”

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela